Discover 4 points to note for creating beautiful landscape shots before sunrise


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What’s great about starting a new day by capturing the moment between night and day delivery with a great photo? Taking photos before dawn captures the cool, serene tones of the period just before sunrise – where fascinating landscape photos can be brought. In this article, Hoi An Photographer explores 4 important factors to get photos such as: shooting time, lighting, shooting and processing functions. Discover 4 points to note to create beautiful landscape photos before sunrise in the article below.

Point 1: Time of shooting – 30 minutes before dawn

High color levels just before the sun rises, allowing you to take pictures submerged in blue. This photo was taken in mid-May at Lake Toya in Hokkaido where the sun rises at around 04:10 am due to the high latitude. At 3:40 am, I try to capture a green world that changes every minute.

For example
Blue becomes weaker if the picture is taken after the sun has risen.

Point 2: Light – Set the white balance to ‘Daylight’ for the same colors as we see

The period before dawn, just before the sun rises in the morning, is also when the sky is blue light. That is why this time period is also called “blue hour”. If you set the white balance to Daylight, the blue light will be depicted as you see it with the naked eye, reproducing the cool atmosphere of the morning. However, with Auto White Balance, the color tone will be corrected.

Point 3: Shooting function – Slow shutter speed to achieve a smoother water surface

The lake surface is calm when I observe. If you use a slow shutter speed, such as 25 seconds, the lake surface will be depicted as a mirror, and the colors of the sky will be reflected in it too. This not only makes the landscape seem vast, but also has a soft and inviting green.

For example
Details of the waves are visible when shooting at 1/30 second.

Point 4: Handling – Use Picture Style for a vivid green finish

I set the Picture Style to Landscape to emphasize the blue because this mode will increase color saturation. Compared to the Standard mode, the blue color of the sky appears more vivid and is also depicted darker and more clearly when reflected on the water surface.

For example
If pictures taken with Picture Style are set to Standard, there will not be enough color saturation.

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