Where to Da Nang, drink coffee where delicious you know


Thành viên mới
Coming to Da Nang, tourists cannot ignore local foods that have been famous and reflect traditional local cultures like Quang Noodles. Quang noodle is a typical specialty of Danang. Quang noodle broth is very special. It is not full of noodle dishes but just enough to invade, rich and spicy. It is eaten with toasted Vietnamese sesame rice crackers, fried shallots, and herbs, such as coriander, perilla, and lettuce… you can choose any substance (seasonal plants, meats, and fish) for your bowl depending on your taste. People cannot miss fresh raw vegetables such as sliced banana buds, mustard greens ... along with roasted peanuts, green chili plates, coated cake, lemon and fish sauce.


Another dish that is extremely simple but attractive in Da Nang is pork rice paper rolls. Pork must be pork belly, thinly sliced - all 3 pieces of skin, fat and lean meat together. Rice paper is rolled with raw vegetables, herbs, pineapples, mangoes, green bananas, cucumbers, bean sprouts and used with a special salty wedge sauce, giving you an unforgettable impression.

Especially, when traveling to the coastal city, Da Nang seafood is a must. People can choose a variety of fresh and affordable seafood. Guests will be able to hand-pick their favorite seafood and be cooked by the seller right in the kitchen in front of the customers’ place. And then Let just enjoy the sea and savor the delicious food in the cool sea breeze.

Besides the local street food, Da Nang is also a dynamic city and welcomes many of the world's culinary development trends. One of the favorite culinary waves in Danang is Specialty coffee. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a pioneer in the third wave of coffee in Da Nang and Vietnam.

Diners can find dozens of premium coffee beans from hundreds of quality farmers around the world at the coffee shop. All are prepared specially and professionally from experienced and young Barista.