General assessment of the situation of the coffee market in 2019 you do not know


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2019 saw a spectacularly dichotomous coffee market, with historically low prices for much of the year for the basest commodity coffees — those that hold the bulk of the coffee trade — and astronomical highs at public auctions for the best of the best coffees.


Green coffee traders just have average price. They have been feeling increased pressure from the more progressive specialty coffee roasters who facilitate or improve transparency, traceability and supply chain relationships.

We will present the biggest news stories of the year on the coffee trade and the organizations who are making it hum everyday. There was a lot of news on individual importing and trading companies; loads of high-profile auctions; and lots of moves from organized groups at coffee’s origin responding to low prices. There’s also some good old-fashioned consumer market news.

But one big market-related story is also worth noting also for its scope and vision. At the start of this year, the first edition of The Specialty Coffee Transaction guide was released, marking an unprecedented achievement in price discovery, especially for coffee roasters who value sustainability and integrity alongside quality.

Importer Sustainable Harvest Absorbs Twin Trading in London

Coffee Trader Sucafina Launches ‘Farmgate Initiative’ for Cash Bonuses

The North American arm of Swiss green coffee trading company Sucafina is starting a program called Farmgate Initiative that gives coffee buyers the ability to tack on additional farmgate payments directly to coffee farms…

NKG-Owned Importers Rothfos and InterAmerican to Join in New HQ

The world’s largest coffee trading company, Hamburg, Germany-based Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), has announced plans to consolidate the headquarters of its main green coffee importing and trading companies in the United States…

With Industry Partnerships, Farmer Connect Hopes to Boost Blockchain Coffee

“These intermediaries all have their disparate ways of tracking information, which can make value and information exchanges across the supply chain more manual, more labor-intensive and less transparent than they could be,” the company said, adding, “Blockchain is ideally suited to help address these challenges because it establishes an immutable, transparent environment for transactions.”…

Propina App Sends Tips Directly Into Pensions for Coffee Farmers

“One differentiating factor to highlight is that Propina does not have an underlying bias in the coffee market,” Hawkins told Daily Coffee News. “We are not biased by having to conduct business with clients or suppliers or answer to investors. Our current and future investors share the social impact nature of our original and innovative platform. The most original and effective models for change, innovation and disruption develop outside of industry.”…

Mercon Launches US-Based Specialty Importer Novus Coffee Imports

Longtime coffee trading company Mercon Coffee Group has launched a new specialty coffee importing division called Novus Coffee Imports. With a home base in Seattle, Novus will specialize in the sale of microlots, traceable estate-grown coffees and other premium green coffees to the North American market, from orders as little as one bag to full containers…
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